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Brand New Version ABSOLUTE PLUS is a high security Dual Technology Barrier that combines Microwave and Infrared Technology to enhance capability of the detection while drastically reducing false alarm rates (FAR).


Available in 3 ranges (200M/80M/50M), ABSOLUTE PLUS consists in a pair (TX and RX) of extruded aluminum columns in which Infrared Beam and Microwave Technology are combined into one unit; both sensing elements are located in a single casing, and are connected electronically using a special “AND” Logic Function.


Since the two sensors will not detect an intrusion precisely at the same time the system has been designed to generate an alarm when both sensors produce an output in a pre-selected time interval.


The sensors can be installed along a perimeter line, a fence or a delineated buffer zone, or as a defense against intruders approaching a gate or a wall. To further enhance the information performance, image/video recorder equipment can also be installed to survey the intrusion/approach zone. In addition to increase the detection potential this capability permits security personnel to assess the nature of the  “Intrusion/alarm” immediately and remotely.


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Absolute Dual Technology Microwave/IR Motion Detector