Our tailor made retainer services covered the management of your marketing activities, including report and marketing research, media relationship, promotion and event management...

Text Box: •	Report & Marketing Research

     - Report monthly

               - report retainer service status

               - update press clippings

      - Marketing Research

               - analyze competitor’s development

               - update competitor’s promotion

               - media / customer’s feedback

               - neighborhood environment

Text Box: •	Media Relations

      - invite media to increase client’s exposure (magazines/ newspapers/ televisions/radios/internets)

      - organize and compile press kit (information provided by client)

      - manage press enquiries

      - organize press release including copywriting and distribution (information provided by client)

Text Box: •	Promotion

     - propose promotion plan

      - assistant on promotion planning

        (i.e. editorial / advertising / media interview /

                    distribute newsletter by email, etc…)

      - provide professional advice on related promotional

         material (i.e. VIP card, premium gift, direct mailing kit,

         leaflet, etc…)

Text Box: •	Event Management

     - concept development

      - pre-event / post-event communications

      - provide manpower for the supervision and co-ordination


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